Market Strategies - Serving The Pet Industry

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Market Strategies - Serving The Pet Industry

We Represent Aquatic and Reptile Manufacturers

At Market Strategies we make it our business to know what our clients want from their representatives in the field. Our marketing effort doesn't stop at the wholesale level. With our program of service, we pull sales through by staying in touch with the retailer, knowing who they are, what assistance they require and offering both wholesaler and retailer a strategy to sell through to the end consumer.

Market Strategies Associates currently cover 32 states, specializing in aquatic and reptile products; selling through the distribution network, while also detailing over 700 retailers throughout the year. We service super chains Petsmart and Petco, developing strategies for our vendors that will work seamlessly with their internal processes. We also perform sales and marketing services targeted to other regional retail chains and larger internet entities.

Our mission is to build our company by building our client's brand in the marketplace, offering field support with our 30+ years of experience designing unique programs for success that our vendor clients control. We're like having your own highly motivated in-house sales force.

There is no one in our organization that has less than 20 years of experience in the Pet Industry.

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